The Jump

After a short briefing you will be kitted up and board our jump aircraft.

During the 15 – 20 minute flight you will be treated to views ranging from Mount Ruapehu, East Cape, and the Coromandel Peninsula.

As you approach your selected drop altitude you will harnessed securely to your instructor.

Once over the exit point you will feel the wind blast as the in flight door is opened. Feel your heart pound with excitement as you hang your feet outside the aircraft with the ground 12,000 feet below.

Adrenalin surges through your veins as you are launched out from the security of the aircraft and into the world of freefall.

Time slows down as you hurtle your way earthward at 200km/hr. At 5,000 feet your main parachute is deployed and you begin your descent back to earth.

The canopy ride lasts around 6 minutes after which you can expect to touch down safely back at the drop zone with a smile on your face that will last for days.

tandem skydive


10,000 ft jump – approx. 30 second freefall $325.00
12,000 ft jump – approx. 40 second freefall $375.00

videos & photos

The Edge – Exit Photos
Capture yourself on the edge of our aircraft, ready to jump!
The Moment – Freefall Photos
Our cameras will capture a high quality set of photos of your jump!
The Rush – Hand Cam DVD
Relive your skydive again with an awesome DVD.
The Combo – Freefall photos and DVD
This package comes with both your freefall photos and DVD.
The Worx – Everything!
Get it all! The best way to record your jump!


  • We have a maximum weight limit of 100kg.
  • Children under the age of 18 years require parental consent.
  • A reasonable level of fitness is required. If you have any pre existing medical conditions that may affect your ability to perform, we recommend you seek a medical clearance from your doctor prior to making any booking.